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This group on Face book has been one of the best books groups with some of the friendliest helpful and supportive ladies I have met on Facebook. The admins all have other commitments in their lives but are always there to show support and fill are pages with great book recommendations. Brilliant interesting interviews of some fab indie author have and of course hot book boyfriend pictures.

“I didn’t start someone else did they added my Daughter and ask who did her pictures and stuff and she said her mum and they said can she be admin on BCG as well and it went from there they have left now we were on about 200 members when they left but she left the group to Kerry we started doing interviews and ask Authors to post their books and pages I do it as a hobby mostly & to help Advertise Indie Authors like my Daughter Kerry.” Quote from Carol wade when I asked what interested her in doing the group

Admins of this group are as follows.

Carol Wade

Kerry Frith

Jacque Spillman

Harley-May Wright

Hafsa Idrees

Alina Popescu

Scarlet Grey-Cross

Petronella Bond

Kerry FrIth who is one of the admins and carols daughter is also a normal everyday person like most  Indie authors  and without groups like this one and pages i would never have found so many authors that I admire so much .



1)      How old were you when you first started writing


I decided to write my first story when I was in senior school, around the age of 14/15. My best friend at the time was my proof reader/editor and it was about a girl named Holly experiencing love and heartache for the first time. Nothing ever came of it. I think I still have it around somewhere, handwritten in some folder or another. Maybe I should dust if off one day and have it published.


2)      Which genre do you love to read


Mainly chick-lit/comedy romance and the odd thriller/murder mystery.


3)      When was your first novel published


October 2012. It took a lot of courage to go through with publishing my first novel. It was just a hobby and I never had any intentions of publishing of my stories but then my brother told me about self-publishing so I looked into it and I am so glad I did.


4)      What is you most current novel that has been published/due to be published


Handbags at Dawn (published Aug 2013) ~


~ blurb


Cali Williams is an unlucky in love author. Following her recent split from her boyfriend, Cali can’t produce. Her stories are depressing and quite frankly not worth the paper they are printed on. On advice from her agent and best friend Clarke, Cali heads to the country for some ‘time out’ to find herself and get her writing spirit back but as soon as she arrives, she finds herself easily distracted by the country life.


Who knew shovelling horses crap could be so sexy, singing karaoke in the local pub could be so much fun and a change of scenery is, indeed, as good as a rest.


With village gossip, a grumpy but sexy handyman and handbags drawn at dawn, will Cali ever be able to write another best selling novel and find Mr Right or is she doomed for life?


Accents and British spelling are used for this book.

5)      How long have you been with nocturnal press publications


I am a self-published author.


6)      What interested you to start  doing blogs and book groups


I started a weekly blog to keep everyone up to date on my writing progress and have an author of the week to help others with promos. Being an indie author myself, I know how hard it is to get yourself out there and any help is much appreciated. If I can help, I will.  My book group Book Chat Group is a fun way to share my love of books, recommend books, meet new people, and help others with self-promotion.


7)      What do you mainly blog about


Blog tours, promos, reviews, writing progress.


8)      Please tell me 3 things that is not commonly know about yourself


Not commonly known? Umm…


1) My pet hate is slurping. I think it is disgusting and it drives me nuts!

2) I have a ‘thing’ for washing detergents and comforts. I spend more time deciding on which one to buy then I do choosing clothes.

3) I know my chocolate. I wouldn’t say I am a chocaholic but I do enjoy a nice bar every now and then. I eat Nestle and Cadbury but when it comes to Easter eggs it has to be Cadbury. My husband tried tricking me once. He put a Nestle egg in a Cadbury box. I knew straight away it wasn’t a Cadbury egg.


Please attach all links to pages I can find you on and your work thank you xx

My FB author page ~

My blogspot ~

Twitter ~

Goodreads ~

Amazon author page ~


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