Releasing December 19th 2013.

Releasing December 19th 2013. Pre-Order Today!!!

I am pleased to return the kindness that Mark Taylor has showed me by doing a author feature and interview for mark .
Mark is a fellow Author at nocturnal press publications and is releasing his full length novel very soon .

Shutter speed out 19th December 2013

Jimmy Tasker is an ordinary child. He loves to take pictures: has an eye for it. When some common bullies take things too far, Jimmy ends up burned… and different. It starts when his father is killed in a mysterious house fire. Him and his mother move away… change names… disappear.

Some years later a group of friends are finding it tough. They are unemployed, short of cash, and one of them comes up with a great idea. A robbery. But they are a rag-tag bunch, and Steve declines, leaving the other three, a misogynist, an addict, and poor, easily led Peter, to pull off the “robbery of the century”.

But Jimmy is still in there, somewhere…

…and he’s killing for fun.

Pre order at

Please check out the question and answer section below

1) How old were you when you first started writing?
I did a little writing when I was at school but as time went on I found myself concentrating on other things. I came back to writing in my thirties.

2) Which genre do you love to read?
Horror, fantasy, and science fiction mostly. I like to have a giggle when I read, but nothing gets to me more than a chill.

3) When was your first novel published?

That’s just over the hill at the moment, but to date I have had many short stories published in anthologies in both the UK and the US in publishers large and small, and have self-published the first two parts of a series of novellas The Devil’s Hand.

4) What is you most current novel that has been published/due to be published?

I currently have two novels forthcoming and a collection of short stories. Shutter Speed is due out on the 19th December (eek) from Nocturnal Press Publications. I also co-authored Redemption with the amazing Charles Day and that is due out next year from Black Bed Sheet Books.

A couple of years ago I signed a contract with a small press company for an novel length anthology of my own unpublished shorts called The Human Condition, but the press has since stopped trading, so I’m going to have to find a new publisher for that one.

5) How long have you been with nocturnal press publications?

I only joined a couple of months back. Shane (S. Almond) has been a pleasure to work with and very supportive.
6) What interested you to start doing blogs?

I like to rant. I like to write. It seemed the perfect match. As a writer I find great solace in actually writing and sometimes I just want to put down thoughts. That’s when the word processor goes away and the blog comes out.

7) What do you mainly blog about?

Writing. Sometimes I’ll put down a lot of interesting information, things helpful or just ponders. Other times I rant about things, and occasionally I’ll just ramble incoherently.

8) Please tell me 3 things that is not commonly known about yourself?

I was the lead guitarist in a metal band in the mid 90’s.
I wear a suit for my day job.
I’ve been in more motorcycle accidents than I care to remember, and I never once ended up in hospital. (I quit riding before I quit bouncing.)

Please attach all links to pages I can find you on and your work thank you.

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