The Changing Faces of Destiny

The Changing Faces of Destiny

Today’s feature and author interview is on Keirsten Cheryl Beining, Keirsten is a fellow author with nocturnal press publications and her first novel The Changing Faces of Destiny has been available since June this year out .
As well as being an author Keirsten attends Carlow University as an Art Major as she aspires to become an elementary school art teacher in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
Writing has always been a passion for Keirsten and she is currently working on the sequel for the changing faces series.
Please check out Keirsten’s blurb to the changing faces of destiny and the question and answer section.
The Changing Faces of destiny By Keirsten Cheryl Beining

The Changing Faces of Destiny: Keirsten Cheryl Beining, Brett Nyxira Christie, Angela Mingledorff: 9781628471373: Books

When seventeen year old Destiny Zorock lost her mother to cancer, she fell into a deep depression and when everyone else turned their backs on her, one stuck by her; Alec.
With the help of Alec, she finally manages to break free from her abusive father but Jake refuses to let go without a fight!
The two friends grow closer as they are forced to go on the run, but is Destiny on the run from something else as well, something a lot closer to home?
As the pages turn of her dramatic life story, revelations await, unlikely friends are found and her father will continue to hunt her until she is dead!
One thing’s for certain, whatever happens, It’s not fate, it’s Destiny!

1) Please tell me a bit about yourself?
My name is Keirsten Cheryl Beining and my birthday is on October 22, 1992. I am an art therapy major at Carlow University. I love to write and draw and I am the author of The Changing Faces of Destiny.

2) How old were you when you first started writing? What genre do you love to read?
I started writing at an early age, I wrote stories since I could write. When I was younger I used to make up stories of kittens and puppies becoming best friends, but I didn’t actually take writing seriously until I was about 15 and in the 11th grade. What I love to read is fiction suspense novels.

3) When was your first novel published?
My first novel was published in June 2013

4) What is your most current novel that has been published/ due to be published?
The Changing Faces of Destiny is already published and the sequel, The Changing Faces of Destiny: Reborn, is due to be released September 24, 2014.

5) How long have you been with Nocturnal Press Publications?
A little more than a year.

6) What interested you to start doing blogs?
I wanted to find a way to get the word out about my book and to also get the word out for other Nocturnal Press Publications authors.

7) What do you mainly blog about?
I Just blog things about my book and other people’s books and interviews.

8) Please tell me 3 things that are not commonly known about yourself?
1. I love painting my nails; they always have to have some sort of design on them.
2. I have 10 younger siblings.
3. I enjoy playing Call of Duty.



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