New Author spot… Book out now!!!

New Author spot

Today I would like to introduce to you all a talented young lady who is getting ready to have her novel published very soon.
I met Hafsa Idrees in a book chat group on Facebook and I am very excited for her and the release of The Beginning after the End coming up Here’s a little more on the upcoming book and please check out the question and answer section.

What can the fear of losing the ones we love push us to do? In Chrissie’s case, it pushed her to distance herself from Allan, the man he loves more than anything else in the world. She knows he will not marry her, that they don’t have a future together. But why does “out of sight” not mean “out of mind”? The wall that Chrissie has built around herself becomes a prison. As she fights for survival in the cold world she has created, she gets an unexpected call from Allan. This call changes her life forever.


1 Please tell me a bit about yourself?

It is a very tough question since I cannot cover or explain my entire self in a few lines. I am a sister, a daughter, a friend to many but a close friend to a few. I love to be crazy and insane, it is not easy for me to share my problems and frustrations, I keep them to myself while I love to laugh with everyone and spread the smiles around. Sometimes I am weird but that is just how I am, I always want to do things out of the ordinary. This is in me, I feel I was born this way and I want to set examples for others to follow and I am trying. For some reason, I do believe I am not that ordinary, even, in my academics, I have been a topper since pre-school. I didn’t have many close friends as I be a little cynical or world-weary but receptive. I don’t dislike people usually but once I do its forever. I can take my time to open myself up to others but once I do I am loving and friendly. I can be Possessive about the things and people I love; I enjoy singing, dancing, reading, making friends from different cultures, and having fun. I feel I have my own world. I run, I fall, I get up and start running again trying not to repeat the mistakes I did before. So this is me!

2 Which genre do you love to read?
I read almost every genre, from children stories to paranormal thrillers. But I enjoy tragedies and crime series the most. Yet, I believe it is not the genre but the story, the plot and the style of expression that glues you to the book. I always adore everything which is written beautifully and has the ability to grip you from the start to the end of the story.

3 At what age did you first start to write?

Writing comes to me naturally. I have been writing since school. Short stories, articles, poetry etc. But my first article got published in “SAHAR MAGAZINE” (2006) when I was in eighth grade. It was a huge achievement for me and a rare moment that I still cherish.

4 When is you most current novel due to be published
My debut book “The Beginning after the End” is coming in a few days, fairly before s Contemporary Literary Fiction, written for those who have been through the emotional sets backs. It teaches them not to give up but to strive forward. You can always take a new beginning after the end of something and “live” instead of just “existing”. Your weakness can be made your strength; you just have to look at things through a different lens. There is a slight difference between NEED and WANT. Your “want” might not always be your need and vice versa. This is the hardest thing to accept but once you learn to accept the ways of life, reality, consequences of your actions and pre-written decisions of God, life becomes much easier. You can’t control everything. It is a universal theme. The book also challenges the common concept of happiness, memories and love. You might think differently about life and death once you read it. It is not a typical love story. I revealed the cover on 6th Dec 2013 and I will be announcing the release date soon so stay tuned in.

5 Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
Everyone who does something positive inspires me. It can be a kid too. But my biggest inspiration is my parents. Both of them are teachers and are managing things, both at college and home, exceptionally well. They taught me how important books are than video games and gadgets. They taught me that the demons inside of you need an outlet and it must be a positive one. If you keep your feelings, experiences, observation and mistakes bottled up, a lot of people out there miss a chance to learn from you. That’s how I became confident about my writing. I am 21 but age hasn’t been a barrier for me. I see my mother and father every day, working, then coming back and attending to the chores at home, social and personal life, health and most importantly their kids. I learnt that one needs to work really hard in order to shine out. It’s great to have one little corner of the virtual world where you can let your hair down and not write to specifications. Whatever I am today, it is just because of their support, love, understanding, care and teaching. Mistakes polish your facets and eventually turn you in to a gem if you learn from them.

6 What other things do you love to do other than writing?

I love to spend time with me in my own world where there is only me and my characters. Also, I am a part of Pakistan’s first Roman Urdu newspaper “Shashca” as an editor, and ambassador and SEO Manager at a youth forum called “Revolution Flame”. I learn and grow each day with my experiences and I love that. When I am not working or writing, I am usually listening songs, singing, practising moves, baking, painting or out for shopping. I love to spend time with my siblings and best friends and having fun with them. I also love to play like kids and whenever I go out to a park with my family, I am the one who spends most of the time on swings.

7 Do you have any other ideas for other novels you want to write?
Yes, I have so many ideas in my mind but I need to filter out and concentrate on the one for my next book. I am planning to start working on it right after the release of my debut book. It would be about Baluchistan, its culture and the psychological traumas the people of this region are being through. It is the largest province of Pakistan. I would be creating the plot from the humanistic perspective and not from the political one. My first book was set in Phoenix, Arizona USA but my second book would be about my country and its people. I think the world out there needs to know the reality and think differently from media. Usually what media drills in their heads about Pakistan and its people is not true. Social media is much stronger than conventional media and reaches comparatively a larger audience. Moreover, writing is a powerful platform which can help me a lot for this. Since I am friends with authors/people from almost every corner of the world, I will use this opportunity to spread positivity about my country and eliminate the negative stereotypes that they might have regarding us. I strongly believe that we writers are ambassadors of peace, love and humanity and we have to think above the lines of doctrine, boundaries and nations.

8 Please tell me 3 things that is not commonly known about yourself

I am not a trend follower. I always want to do something different, something that nobody else has done before. I don’t like jumping on the bandwagon. I do, wear, think and say whatever I am comfortable with.

I adore candles. I love the colours of the flame and how it keeps shifting the hues, burning from inside and spreading light. I always love to have a dozen candles on my birthday cake, in my room and just everywhere.

Books and roses are the best gifts one could ever give me.

Please attach all links to pages I can find you on and your work thank you xx

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5 thoughts on “New Author spot… Book out now!!!

  1. Thank you Ellis!! Your thoughts pleased me. But i can’t take many steps if authors and friends like you won’t guide me and share their experiences. I have a lot of things to learn.
    I hope and pray the same for you. Don’t forget me when you will be signing the autographs in Pakistan.

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