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165161_491375256620_2668896_n (1)New Release

Pleased to introduce the talented and a fellow author of nocturnal press publication , Alex smith. Plant rush is her first novel and is out now which whilst enjoy the success of planet rush Alex is currently working on her next novel which is set to release in 2014
Blurb: In a universe far away there is a group of intergalactic protectors, the Intergalactic Order. The Intergalactic Order protects not one nor two but three galaxies so to do so they must train soldiers. These soldiers are pulled from their planets as teenagers and trained four the next four years to protect and serve. Like any type of military, the Intergalactic Order has a set of soldiers that are trained to handle the more delicate situations that a rise between planets. These soldiers are known as Squadron students and are seen as the best of the best. These Squadron students are look up to but all pale in comparison to the highest of the high Squadron Alpha.

1. Please tell me a little bit about yourself?
Hi I’m Alex smith and I’m currently a college student in San Diego California in the USA. I’m a bit of a nerd and a history enthusiast.
2. How old were you when you first started writing? Which genre do you love to read?
My love of reading and writing began when I was in the fourth grade so I was probably around 9 years old. I loved to read fantasy but as I grew older I found myself drifting towards Science Fiction. Now I’m more of science fiction reader than anything else.
3. When was your novel published?
My novel was published November 29th 2013.
4. How do you feel having your novel published and out for sale?
I feel very excited to finally have my novel out. I’ve been in such shock that nothing really hit me until the day it came out.
5. How long have you been with nocturnal press publications?
I’ve been with Nocturnal Press since 2011 and I’m hoping to continue to publish more titles under them.
6 .What interested you to start doing blogs?
I’ve never really been interested in blogging but since my novel has started I feel I should blog not only about that but about my fellow author’s on the Nocturnal Press Roster.
7. What do you mainly blog about?
Currently my blog is only for my book but I will be branching out soon.
8. Please tell me 3 things that are not commonly known about yourself?
Three things people wouldn’t know about me at first sight is I’m a jazz trombone player; I look more like a flutist. Two I’m very interested in reading dystopic style books, they interest me very much. Three I know karate.

You can find more about Alex over at:



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