First chapter of my novel due for Realase soon

First chapter of my novel due for Realase soon

Why did I always feel so nervous starting a new job? I thought to myself as I stood in the glamorous reception area of the newest hottest nightclub in Doncaster. It was my first shift and already I felt out of place, watching all the very beautiful people getting the club ready for opening time. How was I going to fit in here? Little plain me who’s nothing really, 5ft 6 slim figure, pale skin with blue eyes and brown bobbed hair, mmm I really should have made more of an effort I thought to myself, very aware of how plain I looked with minimal make up on and wearing far too sensible black trousers and a blouse which I was used to wearing for my previous bar job.
“Hi” I say to a very pretty blonde who stops and smiles at me, “sorry I’m new starting work tonight but not sure where to go? I’m looking for Simon”
“OK follow me I’ll take you up to the office” We walked through the main area of the club and up a grand staircase towards the office, I looked at the female (who was in her late twenty’s) I took in how pretty she was and how curvy she was in all the right places, with her long wavy blonde hair and sparkling green eyes “I’m Heather” I said to her.
“Katy, so you’re joining our Charisma team, welcome to the family” she giggled at me and knocked at the door.
Katy left me with Simon who quickly showed me around the rest of the club before taking me to my work area in bar one which was a very bright and funky room full of comfy sofas, low tables and lots of sparkling mirrors, it was completely different to the main area in which it was full of classical wood, dark and romantic.
Simon introduced me to two other team members, Gaz a very tall, stocky male in his mid-twenties with spiky black hair, piercings in one of his eyebrows, big brown eyes and muscular arms covered in tattoos, and Tracy a friendly looking young girl no older then eighteen a very pretty female even with a full face of make-up on, she had Her deep brown hair slicked back in a high ponytail and wore tight fitting shiny black trousers and a tee-shirt clinging to her very slim figure which she carried off very well and knew it.
“Where’s Kian?” Simon asked
“He’s in the back, I’ll get him” Gaz bounded off leaving me stood with Simon
“Kian’s the supervisor for this bar, any problems he will sort you out” he said before walking off.
Gaz returned from out the back with another guy and I couldn’t help but stare as they both strutted over to me, oh my god I thought to myself as this tall and gorgeous guy came over to speak to me.
“Didn’t know I was having somebody new tonight” he cheekily grinned at me which instantly made his green/grey eyes glint with mischief and made my stomach flip, oh yeah he radiated sex appeal and knew it I thought to myself.
“Take it you’re Kian” I reply ignoring the butterflies in my stomach.
“Heather? Right” I nod in reply

“Come I’ll quickly show you around its opening time soon, you done any bar work before?
“Lots” I answered “I Left castle house for here and before that I worked in bars at Paradise Island but came back for family reasons”
I followed him through the glass wash area, not wanting to go into detail of actually being a single mum who came out a bad relationship and moved back home to help her family with my now deceased grandparents, that was the real reason why I came back. I left my things in the back and followed him back onto the bar.
So you’re a pro then? Great well I’ll show you how to use our tills”
I followed behind him onto the tiny bar admiring his athletic/slender physique through his clothes which fitted perfectly on him not tight and not baggy just perfect.
“Use my till tonight, go on have a play about with it”
I stood in front of the till having a look through the system when I felt Kian slightly pressed up behind me, his arms reached around me to grip onto the edge of the till.
“Quite simple really if you can’t find anything on the main screen you need to go into a specific section” he leaned into me to reach the till screen, I felt my breath quicken and heat rushed through my body, Oh yes I’m very attracted to him and working here was going to be very interesting indeed.

That first evening was going very well; Kian had been right about the rush it had been manic as soon as the doors opened, bar one got hit but everything ran smoothly and all the other rooms opened on time, slowly the crowds of people drifted out of bar one and the room was dying down.
I was cleaning down the bar looking out onto the small crowd of people left in the room when I caught Kian’s eye I smiled sheepishly and looked away, I smiled to myself thinking about how the air had been electrifying between us while working so close together behind a small bar. Every time he had brushed passed me or gently placed his hand onto the small of my back to move around me it had sent surge of heat rushing through my body. I looked back over to where he was stood and blushed when I caught him looking my way, Kian flashed me a very cheeky grin and quickly turned his attention back to the people he was talking to. I watched a slender brunette approach him and wrap her arms around his waist; she pushed her chest into him, leaned in close and whispered something into his ear. Kian laughed and pulled the girl in closer to his side. I shook my head and laughed whatever she had said had worked, looked like he was definitely on a promise.
Kian approached the bar snapping me out of my thoughts
“Heather can you get Melissa a bottle of Moet and four glasses”
“Sure no problem” I smiled at them both quickly taking in the girl who was glaring at me, yes she was young, very slim and beautiful, her slender figure poured into a short strapless dress which left very little to the imagination and much like a lot of the girls in this town she was caked in loads of makeup and fake tan which of course was what most guys went after.

I pulled a cold bottle out of the fridge and placed the glasses and the bottle onto the bar when I spotted Tracy in the room behind Kian and Melissa, she starred at them both wrapped in a very public embrace, she rolled her eyes at them then walked onto the bar to me.
“Well that is another notch on his bed post” she said to me, which I just laughed in response.
“Seriously that guy can have a different one every night. Which he does and all like her not much older than eighteen and young and beautiful and hoping they will be the one to get more out of him then just being another one night stand” Tracy informed me as we both tried not to stare at them both carrying on as if nobody was in the bar
“Kian put the girl down” Gaz shouted behind Kian laughing
Kian pulled away from Melissa who like a young child pouted at him.
“Simon will have your arse if he catches you” Gaz strolled onto the bar carrying a load of stock for me, ignoring Gaz’s comment Kian took the drink and glasses off the bar smirking and quickly winked at me he whispered “I know where all the cameras are and the blind spots” I laughed as he walked off and over to Melissa
“Here you go babe, I have to go into the office to cash up, and I’ll see you in a bit”
Kian came back onto the bar to the collect the tills and left us instructions to close down and to see if any of the other bars needed a hand after we had done.
Closing down did not take that long, the bouncers ushered the few remaining people out of the bar area and closed the room up after me and the other staff after midnight exited the bar.
We walked into the large foyer and ran into Simon “Heather, Tracy can you both go out front till closing time to do some flyering to promote the different club nights”
“Sure can” we answered him
“Great go up to the office and put one of the club Coates on it is freezing out there and grab a pile of flyers of the desk” Me and Tracy headed on up to the office grabbed the coats and flyers then headed back down and out to the fron.t
The next two hours surprisingly flew by, I was very glad of the warm padded jackets in the mid October cold air and to have had Tracy and even some of the bouncers for company. My heart skipped when Kian stepped outside with Mellissa clinging onto him they approached the bouncers first, having general chit chat then Kian turned to me “You working Tuesday?” He asked
“Err I think so” I answered even though I was not really sure if I was as I hadn’t even seen the rota at that point.
“Cool well I’m off now but once everybody leaves go back inside and wait for the staff taxis with the others” I just nodded in agreement as Kian ushered Mellissa into the waiting taxi and drives off. A bouncer called Darren nudged me and I blushed slightly, not sure how long I had been starring after the departed taxi “Bit of advice love stay clear of that one, he’s a nice lad if you don’t let him get into your pants, which is a bit too late for you though hey Trace ” he mockingly said to her.

Tracy just glared at him and stomped back inside the club, all the guys stood laughing at her exit and it dawned on me that she had hooked up with Kian, no wonder they didn’t seem to speak to one another throughout the shift. I ignored the laughter and followed after Tracy, I caught up to her outside the office “You ok?” I asked
“Yes they’re just being dicks” she shrugged as we took our stuff back into the office and collected our things as we came back out and sat down where the others had gathered including the bouncers who had been taking the mess out of Tracy.

After a few minutes off mindless chatter Simon approached the group with Katy the bouncy blonde who is a head bar supervisor and cashier for the club and another guy who introduces himself as Blake, who I learnt was the assistant manager and who was also very handsome with his clean cut boyish looks, deep brown eyes and well groomed short brown hair, well over 6ft and what I could tell he was well-toned under that suit of his.
“Ok guys great night tonight you all deserve a free drink for your hard work, taxis will be here in a hour, Katy and Blake make sure you lock up, right I’m heading off” Simon headed off out the club leaving the other two in charge
“Ok” Katy shouted “who is going to help me serve?”
“I will” I perked up
“Thank you heather” she smiled at me and I joined her behind another small bar
After we had finished severing the other staff I poured myself a vodka and coke and re-joined the group and found myself sitting next to Blake. I sat back being quiet and listened to all the conversations going off around me, I glanced at Katy and Gaz who seemed very comfortable with one another, I took a big sigh as Blake glanced at me. “You ok?”
“Oh sorry, yes just tired” I answered him
He laughed “winding down hey, so how was your first night?”
“Really greet actually no problems what so ever”
“Great, when you back in?”
“Oh shit I needed to check that with Simon and he’s gone”
Blake laughed once more at me “come on the rota is in the office I will show you”
I followed Blake back into the office where he showed me where they kept the rota
“Oh” I disappointedly said to myself as I read on the rota that I was only working Tuesday and Saturday.
“What’s up?” Blake quizzed me
“Well I’m only working next Tuesday and Saturday I thought there would be more than that, I was told at interview there would be full time hours”
He noticed the disappointment in my face as well as tone of my voice
“Mmm well the club has to get up and running and most of the staff are on part time hours as we need to get more busy then there will be more hours available, but leave it with me and I will see if I can get you some hours on the front of house as well as the bar”
“That would be great thank you” I smiled at him
“Good come on taxis should be here soon”

We walked out the office to find everybody heading down stairs and out of the club, Blake walked down with me and saw me into an awaiting taxi “come find me on Tuesday before you start on the bar and I’ll go through what shifts I can get for you”
“Thank you Blake, goodnight” he smiled at me as he shut the taxi door, as the taxi pulled off I waved to him and headed off home to two busy days off.


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