My first Novel Lust or Love is out soon and I am now on with the next Novel which will be a two part series Taming Kat and Saving Kat

Unedited and may be subject to change :
Kat is a 21 year old uni student who when she was in her late teens her parents divorced then recently her younger sister died of leukaemia, All she every dreamed off was graduating university with honers, Till now Kat wants a escape from it all and she thinks she is living life to the fullest by lots of partying and drinking and sleeping around.However all this takes a toll on her study s and she is on the edge of failing her physiology class. If she does not get her grades up she will have to drop out.Her tutor partners her up with another student Eric . Eric is a serious student and top of the class there is no room for failure in his life as he is only there on a scholarship .They both have never had anything to do with one another and he always seems to fade into the background while Kat always wants to be in the spotlight. Eric knows of her reputation and isn’t thrilled to be having to help her, however these two have something that could bring them together. He had leukaemia as a child and has had to work hard for everything he has got .Eric starts to see threw kats façade she really is smart and needs help to get back on track, along the way he starts to fall for her but can Kat be tamed or will she break his heart?

warning contains some swearing and sexual content For over 18s only!!!!

I forced my eyes open to the sound of an alarm ringing so close to my head “aghhhhhh” i shouted to myself and reached out and flung my alarm clock across the floor which of course did not stop the dam thing from going off “for fuck sakes” i swore to myself and dragged my arse out of bed and turned off the alarm 8am i had to be in class at 8.30 ,i staggered to my bathroom and turned on the shower, god I looked like shit i thought to myself as i looked at my reflection in the mirror, my brown curls were wild and i had major bed head going on, eyeliner and mascara was smeared on my face , my head was pounding and my body ached from all the dancing and well fucking from a few hours before, one hell of a night though i thought back to the guy who’s name i could not rember but who needed to rember the names when they had a body of a Adonis and a cock they knew how to use and oh my he knew what he was doing when he was pining me to the wall and pounding into me making me cum over and over again dam I was sore but it had been so worth it . I striped out my shorts and vest top and stood under the hot stream of flowing water and let it ease all my aches away.

“Ur late Miss Denver”
“Yes I know” I snarly answered the tutor as I slipped into my seat drooped my bag and books on my desk , and quickly tied back my wet curls “sorry” I mumbled and slunk down in my chair wishing class to already be over so I could go back to bed and sleep of this hell of a hangover .I shrunk down in my street trying to concentrate on the lecture on Psychology of Personality’s Sheridan was discussing Theories of personality and their applications to current individual and societal psychological problems…. Eghhh I was shutting off already this guy really didn’t need to tell me about issues I doodled in my note book and pretend to be writing notes and taking interested for the rest of the class.
I took my time at the end of the class gathering my belongings’ letting the rush of people exist before me.
“Miss Denver may I have a word” Sheridan summand me to the his desk, I dragged myself over to the fit and hunky 40 something tutor who always looked at me like I was a puzzle to be cracked “Yes sir” I smiled sweetly at him
He looked up at me sternly “ You missed Fridays class and the deadline for your paper to be handed in” Oh shit I was in for it now, think Kat I thought to myself how do I get out of this one “Sit down Miss Denver we need to chat”
I placed my bag on the floor and sat across from him waiting for the lecture “ Miss Denver” His voice softened “What is happing to you lately, you come late to class or not at all and you hand in sloppy work and now don’t hand in a paper which will determine your final grade for this year I will have to fail you on this and if you fail you know you won’t be able to complete your final year next year” I sat there in silence wanting to cry what a mess I had got myself into he would never understand that nothing interests me anymore I looked away from him and out the window to watch fellow students roam easily across site not a care in the world “ Katarina” He used my first name and snapped my attention back to him “ I don’t want to fail you I know you had a hard time losing your younger sister however it isn’t an excuse, you a bright promising individual I know you got it in you some where to turn in a awarding paper” I scowled at him what did he know I wanted to walk out there and then and come back opened my mouth to speak and got cut off before I got chance to say anything “ I don’t want to hear any feeble excuses I hear the gossip around site and I take it is all gossip keep this little chat to ourselves and you have an extension till the end of the month to hand in the paper oh and Kat I have parted you up with Eric to oversee your study’s “ Since when do I need a study partner?” I was pissed off now and who the hell was Eric?
“Since you don’t turn up and hand in papers on time, and don’t fight me on this one and you will have a partner till you hand in that paper and have full punctual attendance for the rest of the term” I rolled my eyes at him great so I was going to baby sat by some stiff “Here’s his number I suggest you contact him straight away and get on with that paper, tick tock times a wasting” he tapped on his watch.

I walked out the classroom and stormed off over to my dorm I needed a drink really bad, who the fuck did Sheridan think he was “Fuck!!!!” I shouted to my empty room as I slammed down my bag and jacket on to the floor pulled out a bottle of vodka from my drawers and took a long drink straight from it feeling the burn down my throat as I swallowed and threw myself onto my bed I needed to go out I really didn’t want to think about anything I just wanted to drink and get laid. I text one of my friends Stacy to see if she wanted to the hit the union bar with me I wanted to get out of these four walls and let of some steam ,within minutes a message from her came straight threw.
“Aboustley just finishing class see you there in five “
I placed my vodka back in the draw and decided on some blue skinny jeans with high heels and teamed with striking white low cut top and high heels. I let my hair down and ran my fingers threw my lose curls with some frizz ease to help keep them in place, placed a bit of makeup on my face which helped me look alive again and I was ready. I headed of over site to the crowded union bar “hey over here” my fabulous red headed friend Stacy shouted from a corner booth I pushed through the crowds and hugged her when I reached the booth “looking fab as always” I complement her on her blue body hugging dress which showed of her fake tan very well and the black high heels she wore helped show off her amazing legs as usual. She had her red hair poker straight and always wore minimal make up as she didn’t need much, she was stunning without it with her big green eyes, high cheek bones and luscious lips “ Thanks hunny you don’t look bad two, despite a heavy night last night. “I left you early with some guy” she raised her eyebrows at me “so tell”
I sighed at her and shrugged my shoulders “not much to tell I had a great night, lots to drink, lots of dancing and a fuck against a back alley wall as I stumbled home” she nearly spat out her drink
“Good god Kat”
“What the guy had beautiful face, amazing body and knew how to fuck”
“Did you get a number; hell did you get a name”?
“ERR no why do I need either not like I will see the guy again”
“oh you get worse” She laughed at me go get a drink from the bar and then you can tell me why you’re so tense”

I had to hand it to Stacy she knew me better then I knew myself sometimes. We had had been great friends since high school and she didn’t judge me with anything I did, she stood by me threw my sisters illness and death and instead of trying to stop me living my life she lives it with me, well some of it by caresuly threw me.
“So spill” she ordered as I sat back down at the booth, I took a drink of my vodka and coke “Ok my tutor from psyche class is on my ass big time, I apparently need some geek to baby sit me to and from class and to make sure I do my work and hand it in on time so I get my grades I need to get to be able to carry on next year or I will fail and not graduate so I might as well go home now”
“Wait a minute why do you need a student aid, is that what they are?”
I chewed on my bottom lip and looked at her there heavy eyelashes “because I haven’t been going to class and I didn’t hand in my final paper …in fact I haven’t even done the paper”
“Oh Kat really, what are you playing at” and there was that disproving look from my friend which I rarely saw from her.
“Don’t you start two Stacy” she reached over the table and took my hand
“Kat listen im not lecturing you but seriously passing this this class with honours has been your biggest dream since I’ve known you, don’t throw it away, I know things have been hard but what is throwing your dream away going to prove” she held my hand tightly and waited for a response.
“I just don’t know anything anymore; I don’t even know what im going to for the summer and if I even want to come back next year? there’s no inspiration anywhere to accomplish anything anymore”
“Right enough of this I will not let you wallow in self-pity” I went to protest and she held up her hand to shush me
“Ahgh I don’t want to hear it Kat, accept the help and finish this year with flying colours, getting back into your work may help pull you out of this slump you’ve fallen into”
I pulled my hand out of her grip and downed the rest of my drink “Kat don’t ignore me please” she looked concerned for me, god the last person I needed pity and concern from was from her “Ok maybe you are right” I sighed at her “Sheridan gave me the number of the guy he wants me to work apparently he’s the top student in our class”
“What’s his name?”
“Eric, I don’t even recall an Eric in our class I just can’t put a face to the name at all”
“HA” Stacy laughed at me normally you can’t put a face to the body” I whacked her on her arm “hey bitch no fair” and laughed along with her “Right I call shots” neither of us had any more classes for the day and I just wanted to let go.


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