Jasmine Bath

Jasmine Bath

***This book contains graphic descriptions of child abuse, neglect and poverty and may be upsetting to some readers. There is some minor, sporadic use of profanity. There are no explicitly graphic descriptions of sexual abuse.

First time I spoke to Jasmine was on a Book chat group Interview through Facebook .I feel that it takes a very strong person to have touched on a very personal subject. I had the pleasure to have spoken to Jasmine and have her feature on my blog.
Book Blurb:
The memoir “No One’s Daughter” is about incidents from my childhood during the 1960s and 70s. I did not write this book for sympathy or notoriety; I wrote it in an attempt to shed light on the ghosts that have haunted me for a lifetime, hoping that by putting them down on paper that I could look at them more objectively from a mature point of view and eventually free myself from them.
I began writing about specific incidents that happened, attempting to write them in the voice of the little girl I used to be, hoping to understand how these incidents had managed to still affect me as an adult. In giving the little girl I used to be her voice, I found peace.

1 please tell me a bit about yourself?
I live in the midwestern region of the US with my husband, all of our children and grandchildren within an hour radius of us. Life is usually very hectic and busy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

2 Which genre do you love to read?
I like all genres, some a little more or less than others, but my favourite’s would be biographies and drama.

3 At what age did you first start to write?
I was writing short stories as early as grade school so it seems like writing is something I’ve always done, can’t really remember a time when I didn’t.

4 When is your most current novel due to be published?
“No One’s Daughter” was published in October of 2012. I have several other works in progress but nothing close to being ready for publication as of now.

5 Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
I find inspiration in every day things. Overheard conversations out in public, watching people as they go about their day-to-day lives, news stories, anything can be a source of inspiration.

6 What other things do you love to do other than writing?
Spending time with my husband, sometimes the two of us will spend an afternoon wandering in and out of stores and shops just enjoying each other’s company. I love walking, either in a park or on a treadmill, as long as I’m moving! I also enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren.

7 Do you have any other ideas for other novels you want to write?
Yes, I have about four writing projects that I have either started or will soon be starting.

8 Please tell me 3 things that are not commonly known about yourself
(1) Even after a violent, abusive, dysfunctional childhood, I’ve managed to live a fairly normal life as an adult and have an amazing family of my own.
(2) I not only hate to cook but I’m a terrible cook as well. Were it not for my husband’s culinary talents, I would have to survive on avocados and sandwiches.
(3) I can never find enough hours in a day to accomplish everything I want.

Please attach all links to pages I can find you on and your work thank you xx



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