lust or love part 2 just lust

lust or love part 2 just lust

****First Teaser for Lust or Love (Part 2 Just Lust) Unedited and subject to change Warning contains sexual content and swearing,for over 18s only*******

I made it home before half ten, in time to change out of my drab work clothes into a black low cut vest top with a black casual skirt, with black lacy underwear on underneath, I literally just managed to untangle my hair from it being in a ponytail all day and apply a bit of lip-gloss before I heard a knocking at the front door, I ran down the stairs, opening the front door to Kian cockily grinning at me. he quickly put out his fag and entered my house kicking the door shut behind him, he kissed me hard and fast pushing me more into my hallway, I returned the kiss passionately as he pushed me backwards to the wall. My back hit against the hallway hall, grabbing me by my hips Kian lifted me up and as I wrapped my legs tightly around him, feeing his hardness through his jeans and the thin lace material of my knickers ,I moaned into his mouth as he took my breath away with such a forceful kiss, one hand loss end of my hips, he traced his fingers lightly down my neck down one of my breasts, kneading and teasing me gently his hand continued down my body, I lowered one leg down onto the floor, so he could trace his fingers up my thigh to my sensitive spot, I gasped as he teased me through my lace pants ,leaning back into the wall more he carried on rubbing my clit toying with me and getting me more and more wet for him.
“Kian” I panted as he broke away from me, he flashed me his oh so sexy cocky grin
“Missed me”
I laughed at him and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans “ I think you have missed me, it feels like you have” I unbuttoned his jeans ,letting them fall to the floor he kicked off and pulled off his tea shirt as I pushed my hand into his boxers to stroke his hard cock
“Mmmm heather, god I really don’t get what you do to me” he whispered at me as I stroked his length.
Taking a hold of my hands with one hand he pinned me back up against the wall once more while kissing me with such force I felt one hand go up my skirt and push my knickers to one side and slipped a finger inside of me. My whole body felt on fire as he slowly played with me taking his time to pleasure me, he moved his hands and lifted me slamming me back into the wall wrapped my legs around him felling his hard length pressing against me
“Kian, not yet, condom” I moaned at him
“Agh, shit, ok just give me a sec.” he let go of me and I heard him rustle around in his jeans till he found the packet and quickly placed one on him.
Lifting me back up, positioning me so that he could easily slid into me, I wrapped my legs around his waist, wrapped my arms around his neck, I shuddered gasping out loud as he entered me, digging my finger nails into the top of his shoulders as he moved inside me, I felt my back pressing more into the wall moaning into his mouth as he fucked me hard and fast building up to my orgasm, his mouth left mine to kiss and lick beads of sweat from my neck, pushing me over the edge I screamed out his name as we both came together.
Lowering me down Kian breathlessly kissed me “wow and hello to you two”.


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