New Author spot

New Author spot

Hi all been so busy before and after mothers day with my own business so this is the first blog i have managed to do in a while, I found about this novel through a page on Facebook that I am one of the admins on, These two ladies are from one of my favourite areas, Cornwall in the UK ,And have written there first début novel ‘Rocking Esme’ which is out now.

Rocking Esme synopsis;

Shy book worm Esmeralda Black finds a job in her local bar. Not even she could have predicted the changes that would take place in her life, or the hardships she would have to face. Surrounded by her old friends and the promise of finding new friends along the way, Esme learns that there is a life for her to lead outside of her kindle. Working in a bar brings its own dramas, and Esme constantly finds herself at the centre of the action. As she starts to emerge from her shell, Esme is faced with new experiences and begins to unearth sides to her personality even she didn’t know existed. With twists and turns, drama and deception, and at the heart of it all a rock band, ‘Rocking Esme’ is a story about love, life, and finding your inner rock star!


alley3 jax

You can find these two lovely ladies on:

I also had the pleasure to do a interview:


1) Please tell me a little bit about yourself?
We are 2 book lovers who decided to have a go at writing our own book. We live in Cornwall and we both have full time jobs and squeeze writing into any spare moments we can find.
We are both in our 30s
2) How old were you when you first started writing?
Rocking Esme is our 1st book, which we started writing in December 2013 and published on March 12th 2014

3) Which genre do you love to read?
We love a real mixture of romance, crime and drama. Since getting a kindle we have been reading a much wider range and discovering authors we didn’t know about before.

4) When was your novel published?
Rocking Esme was published on 12th march 2014

5) How do you feel having your novel published and out for sale?
When we pushed the publish button, we both stopped breathing! It was very scary and very exciting, and we couldn’t really celebrate with anyone as we hadn’t told hardly anyone what we were doing! Now it is published, there’s a real sense of achievement (and at times disbelief; ‘did we actually do that?!’) and with every book sale we get very excited!

6) Who are your favourite characters in your book? Why?
I think we both fell in love with Marcy throughout the story as she is so feisty- probably a bit like the 2 of us, mixed together! She was fun to write about and even when we edited we giggled at her outbursts.

7) Where do you get your inspiration for your books?
As we have both read such a range of books, it is difficult to pinpoint just a few authors, but we love the style of Jennifer Foor, Abbi Glines, Terri Anne Browning, Kelly Elliott and many more.

8) What do you do when you get writer’s block?
As we both have so many ideas for our books, we don’t seem to have had this problem- yet! We seem to have the opposite problem that we have so many ideas but not enough time or room to get them all in the books.

9) What advice could you give someone who aspired to be a writer?
Go for it! We started talking about writing as more of a joke, and less than 6 months later we were publishing, which seems unreal! It’s great fun and hugely rewarding to feel that we have achieved something and that people are enjoying reading it.

10) What interested you to start doing blogs?
We haven’t been blogging for very long but it’s nice to blog about the books we love to read and to support fellow authors.

11) What do you mainly blog about?
We blog about our favourite authors and their books in hope to help them become more successful. Also so people can enjoy the great stories.

12) Please tell me 3 things that are not commonly known about yourself?
One of us photographed our husband for the front cover of Rocking Esme!
One of us is in a gay relationship – but can somehow right some hot love scenes.
We didn’t tell anyone except for our partners what we were doing until we published. Now we have the support of family and friends.




Rocking Scarlett’ continues with the story of Esme and Jackson and the challenges they face as disaster and drama erupt with the ongoing issues with Jackson’s past. Esme struggles to maintain a relationship with her brother, but this comes with complications, surprises and acceptance.

As Jackson’s popularity increases and Flix tour gets ever closer, Esme finds herself trying to cope with new feelings of insecurity .

Luckily, throughout it all, Esme has good friends to rely on and with Jackson’s over-protective nature, their future looks secure… or does it?


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