Review of dark age of Bruce by Alexis.Allinson

Review of dark age of Bruce by  Alexis.Allinson

Alexis Allinson is a fellow author, and i was honoured to read this work of hers. This is the first book I have read of hers, and I look forward to the new Release, Kindle: A Shadow of Youth in July.

Book review:

There had always been something dark inside of Bruce. Ever since he was a small child it would rear its ugly head and he would give into the desires of its nature.

It started out as a historical fiction set in Scotland in the year of AD 778. Now normally something set in a Historical time period would not grab my attention, I either would get bored or struggle with the speech, However I have found this novel to have been written beautifully, and easy to read whilst staying true to the time frame, The opening of this book got to me straight away, It tells the tale of the dark life of Bruce McHale. In the beginning of the book a very young Bruce deals with the loss of his mother and a new born sibling at the cruel hands of his father. Follow on to his teenage years were Bruce is training to one day be king. He falls in love easily with His child hood friends, cousin, Ceana, Bruce has every attention of proposing to the beautiful to Ceana the night of his friends winter solstice wedding. That night he learns of a bitter betrayal and is Bruce is introduced to the mysterious Sarah. From that moment on we follow him over three decades after dealing with a betrayal of his first love and His father; He spends a lot of years traveling with the Vikings before returning back to his home village in Scotland. Once settling in to the village and his new built home, Sarah reappears into his life and things aren’t always as they seem. The book at this point takes on an interesting paranormal twist. Which I really liked, And I loved the legends and details used to explain the old ways of the paranormal creatures. I did enjoy reading this dark tale, even though I would have liked a little bit more on Bruce’s travels with the Vikings, I did really enjoy this easy read and that the ending of the book is left open for possibly more. I really cannot wait to read more of her work.



Book blurb for up and coming novel Kindle a shadow of youth:

Kindle; A Shadow Of Youth
By Alexis Allinson

When Paulos Sinopolis lost his wife Fontini during the birth of their daughter Kindle final coverKindle 7 years ago, he made himself a promise. He swore that he would protect his little girl no matter what. Now that Kindle is sick he is prepared to do everything humanly possible and some things that aren’t to ensure that he never loses her. A trip into the Underworld to save her and an encounter with the Gods themselves may cure her illness, but at what cost. A meeting between Hades and Lucifer and the signing of a contract means that Kindle will have to fight for her new life, potentially forever. With the eyes of death watching every move, encounters with the beings of nightmares, unexpected enemies and unlikely allies, Kindle’s life is not that of the average 7 year old. Mystery, magic, mayhem and eternal love seem to follow her while she struggles to survive and understand her existence. Contracts have fine print. If you don’t take the time to read it, you may get more than you bargained for, and a contract is binding…forever.

Kindle; A Shadow Of Youth releases July 9th 2014


You can find Alexis Allinson :


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