Not Alone

Not Alone

I recently was honored to receive and read a signed copy of Not alone by Author Chantal Bellehumeur

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Not Alone ,this is a completely different type of book to what I usually read, and I found it a very pleasant change I found this well written and beautiful story about Harmony life I felt like i was reading a real persons diary,I loved the fact that I could easily relate to the character and her everyday life.

Not Alone is told in a fantastic unique way.I absolutely loved reading about her relationship with others. And the fact that the story remind’s us that we all have our down moments as life is not always easy but yet even if we feel like it we are never alone.


Harmony Goodhumor didn’t always get along with her younger sister Katherine, but the girls became close after their mother’s death. When Harmony moved to another city for university, she missed Katherine very much.
The girls tried to be there for one another as best as they could whenever a personal problem would occur, but there was only so much they could do for each other.
There came a time when Harmony started feeling depressed and alone.
One summer, Harmony decided to go visit Katherine in her new home. During her short trip to Moncton, New Brunswick, Harmony did more than just spend time with her sister and something unexpected happed during an excursion.
When Harmony returned home, she started missing Katherine again as well as other loved ones. But, during her moment of blues she makes the realisation that she is not as alone as she feels.

About this author:

Chantal is a multi-genre author who has always had a love of writing

Before she was encouraged by a friend to go ahead and publish her work , she was more interested in acting. Chantal performed in a couple of amateur stage shows and joined a Youth run Theatre Company.

Chantal is also a loveing mum to her son. She made him her number one priority. which in doing so she found it easier to write once she had some spare time ,than to work around other people’s schedules to act. Using some of her acting training to write ,she easily put herself in to the shoes of the characters she created.

Chantal currently has 8 books available to purchase and she write’s short stories for The Suburban’s Online Magazine. All the stories can be read for FREE.

You can find her on:

webpage: http://author-chantal-bellehumeur.web…



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