Book review

Book review

★★★★★ Massive well done and big thank you to Kerry for bringing this story to us. April’s Busman Holiday is a massive laugh out out tale that really pulls you in from page one. April is one hell of a character and a half, loved her has lead character so much.As well as having me laughing so much it kept me in some suspense in trying to guess who the murderer is. this is a book that I can definitely recommend if you want something different with a lot of laughs. This was one Holiday read I couldn’t put down I I can’t wait to read more in this series and of Kerry’s work.

Book Blurb:

DI April Maxwell is like a dog with a bone especially when there’s a case to solve or a criminal to catch. She lives for her job and she’s bloody good at it so when she is forced to take leave she can’t think of anything worse. After the first day, she’s bored and it seems her one and only solution is to, well, actually take a holiday.

April packs a bag and heads to the New Forest to visit her family but when a boy band member turns up murdered, it isn’t long before she’s on the case. April makes it her mission to find out who killed Kai Williams whilst dealing with her over opinionated mother, a grieving teenage niece and gorgeous ex-boyfriend living next door.

As she closes in on the killer, the killer closes in on her and the rivalry between April and her perfect little brother heats up. It becomes survival of the fittest but there’s just one problem – April has never been very fit but she hasn’t let a thing beat her yet.

Accents and British spelling are used for this book.


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