This was the first book i have read from Sarah Elizabeth Ashely, i can honestly say it was aboustly fantastic, there was no disappointment. I f you are looking for a hot read this is it. Fall head over heals for the hot Italian,Benito Pascal Abelli and his fun loving bad boy James who has his own story in the Alexandra drake series which i cant wait to sink my teeth. Never say love finds Benito meeting Lucy, a young girl who is just finding her place in this world and ends up being a big riddle to Benito, which he is hell bent on solving. These two have a lot of ups and downs that send you on roller coaster ride which is well worth it. Sarah Elizabeth Ashley had me gripped with this mysterious,dominating and sexy men.If you are looking for an author who does not disappoint then pick up Sarah Elizabeth Ashley’s newest book Never Say Love.


2 thoughts on “never-say-love

  1. I have read all sarah Elizabeth books they are all good i have this one but haven’t had time to read it yet

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